Should You Retain an Aggressive Lawyer for Your Barrie Divorce?

A very common question for a lawyer in a barrie divorce case is whether they are aggressive or not. Some fear that when in court a lawyer will succeed at intimidating their lawyer, or out performing their lawyer in front of the judge, and that this will lead to an unfair or undesired result for them. This fear is understandable but in reality it is not necessarily an advantage to have an aggressive lawyer.

What should a Lawyer Do?

A Lawyer’s job is to give you the information and the advice you need about the law that governs your matter and the court procedure. Your lawyer is supposed to present your case to the judge in the most accurate manner possible to ensure that the judge can either give you suggestion as to how you should proceed with your matter or come make a determination about some interim issue or on a final basis. The danger with an aggressive lawyer is that they may increase tension between both parties and draw the case out when it should have already come to a conclusion.

Why Would They do That?

Well, assuming they are not doing it deliberately to try and get more money out of you for the case. Some lawyers simply can’t help it. With the advent of modern dramaticized courtrooms like in Law and Order, a lot of lawyers feel as though they are supposed to be a little dramatic or aggressive when in reality they are there to report the facts in a way the represents you in the most positive way possible. See more.

What Should Happen in a Barrie Divorce?

Very often the litigation is extremely predictable and a lawyer with experience will be able to give you a fairly accurate idea on what will likely happen if you went to trial. If you are wise you will take their advice and settle base on their prediction.  Only about 2% of cases involving family law proceed to trial. This is largely due to a emphasis by family law judges for parties to figures it out and settle before it proceeds to trial and the judge will have to decide for you. This is because generally the judge will give you both terms that you don’t like rather than you both coming to a mid point that you can accommodate.


Having an aggressive lawyer, while it may seem like a good idea, can lead to a very expensive and drawn out court proceeding that will cost you thousands in extra money you could have saved. While you may have a memorable time in court or have a front row seat to some very heated and passionate speeches you may debate later whether that was worth the two to three thousand for extra days in court.  Your lawyer should not cost you more money than you need to pay for the sake of drama. My advice would be to find a nice grounded lawyer who will high hard for you but does not have to proceed unprofessionally in order to do so. Learn more details at