Three Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is not just about hiring any one that calls herself a criminal lawyer.

You need to ask vital questions relating the attorney’s background, experience, case management and case handling before making your decision. In this short guide, you will discover the top questions you can ask concerning the attorney’s background, experience, case management and case handling before making your decision.

This will help you determine the right fit for your case.

  1. Background and experience

Since this is your first time of meeting with the criminal lawyer, it is necessary for you to know her prior experiences with similar criminal charges. If for example, you are charged with a felony, you can hire a lawyer who has been defending those driving under the influence of alcohol all her life.

Here are five suggested questions you can ask;

  • Which bar association or professional organization do you belong to?
  • Have you represented clients with similar charges as mine before? If yes, what percentage?
  • Describe your relationship with the prosecutors’ office. How often do you negotiate plea agreements there?
  • Are you familiar with the courthouse handling my case?
  • When did you graduate from law school? Mind telling me which law school you attended?
  1. How your case will be handled

Regardless of the type of court where your case will be tried – federal, state, or country, it is important for your defense attorney to let you know what options you have.

Regarding this aspect, here are four suggested questions you can ask;

  • What should I expect during trial, disposition, motions hearing, motion filing, arraignment and each step of the process?
  • With my case, what possible issues can you predict?
  • Is there any aspect of my case that can work in my favor? If yes, what are they?
  • Which will you recommend as my best option? A trial, a plea agreement or a guilty agreement? See more.
  1. How your case will be managed

Also known as case management. It is a legal term for the logistics behind the handling of a case. Knowing this logistics will help you to avoid any surprises. Regarding this aspect, here are four suggested questions you can ask;

  • What is your best mode of communication? What is your maximum response time?
  • Who should I call when I have questions? You?
  • Are going to be the one to represent me personally or will you assign that task to another person? If you will assign it, can you allow me to see that person first before we go to court?
  • Since you and your team will be working on my case, can I meet all of them personally?
  • I would prefer that you will be the one to represent me personally, can you make that happen?

Bonus: what are his charges?

Criminal lawyers either charge by the hour or charge a flat fee. You can compare your options before making your final decision. The charges against you should be the basis for you to decide whether a reputable law firm or a lawyer will handle your case. More details in site:

Should You Retain an Aggressive Lawyer for Your Barrie Divorce?

A very common question for a lawyer in a barrie divorce case is whether they are aggressive or not. Some fear that when in court a lawyer will succeed at intimidating their lawyer, or out performing their lawyer in front of the judge, and that this will lead to an unfair or undesired result for them. This fear is understandable but in reality it is not necessarily an advantage to have an aggressive lawyer.

What should a Lawyer Do?

A Lawyer’s job is to give you the information and the advice you need about the law that governs your matter and the court procedure. Your lawyer is supposed to present your case to the judge in the most accurate manner possible to ensure that the judge can either give you suggestion as to how you should proceed with your matter or come make a determination about some interim issue or on a final basis. The danger with an aggressive lawyer is that they may increase tension between both parties and draw the case out when it should have already come to a conclusion.

Why Would They do That?

Well, assuming they are not doing it deliberately to try and get more money out of you for the case. Some lawyers simply can’t help it. With the advent of modern dramaticized courtrooms like in Law and Order, a lot of lawyers feel as though they are supposed to be a little dramatic or aggressive when in reality they are there to report the facts in a way the represents you in the most positive way possible. See more.

What Should Happen in a Barrie Divorce?

Very often the litigation is extremely predictable and a lawyer with experience will be able to give you a fairly accurate idea on what will likely happen if you went to trial. If you are wise you will take their advice and settle base on their prediction.  Only about 2% of cases involving family law proceed to trial. This is largely due to a emphasis by family law judges for parties to figures it out and settle before it proceeds to trial and the judge will have to decide for you. This is because generally the judge will give you both terms that you don’t like rather than you both coming to a mid point that you can accommodate.


Having an aggressive lawyer, while it may seem like a good idea, can lead to a very expensive and drawn out court proceeding that will cost you thousands in extra money you could have saved. While you may have a memorable time in court or have a front row seat to some very heated and passionate speeches you may debate later whether that was worth the two to three thousand for extra days in court.  Your lawyer should not cost you more money than you need to pay for the sake of drama. My advice would be to find a nice grounded lawyer who will high hard for you but does not have to proceed unprofessionally in order to do so. Learn more details at

Tips to Help You Start a Successful Legal Practice

Every lawyer has a dream of starting their own legal practice. And while many of these lawyers will take the plunge, unfortunately, the majority of them won’t succeed. Why? Because they forgot that they weren’t just starting a legal practice, they were starting a business.

If you are looking to start your own legal practice, below are some tips to consider.

Your Business Name Should Sell Your Services

Do you have any idea what type of service John & Masters Legal Firm provides? Neither does the person who was recently in a motor vehicle collision and is seeking representation.

However, do you know what type of service John & Masters Motor Vehicle Compensation Lawyers provides? You sure do, and you can bet that the customer mentioned above does too. For this reason, be sure that your business name also sells your services to entice new

customers to call your practice.

Of course, it’s also important that you don’t choose a name which is too long and makes you sound too unprofessional. Try to keep it at a maximum of five words.

Don’t Overspend

It can be easy to become excited when starting a business and spend all of your startup capital at once. Instead, approach your business like you would your personal finances by looking for ways to reduce your costs.

For example, the Groupon Coupons page for Abe Books is a great place to save on books to furnish your waiting room or office. Of course, this tips isn’t limited to just this idea. A voucher or coupon can be found for almost any item that you will need to buy for your practice, so before you pay retail, always look for a better deal.

Choose the Right Location

Just because you have dreams of working in a high rise building in nice shiny offices doesn’t mean that this is where you get to start. Instead, look for a location where your clients can easily get to.

For example, if you are providing estate law services then it would be a good idea to find an office in an area with a statistically high number of elderly residents. Similarly, if you will be providing 24 hours legal series when a location near a police station could do well for your business.

Web Presence

Do you know what the first thing the client mentioned above will do when they need a lawyer? They will take out their phone and search for a lawyer in their area.

If you don’t have a website with at least your name, the kind of services you provide along with your contact details then you are missing out on a lot of new clients. Why? Because a search engine can’t find you if you don’t have your details online!

When it comes to starting your own legal practice, or any business for that matter, it’s important that you go into the process with your mind clear and ready to make smart decisions.


Why a Family Lawyer Is Essential

Why a Family Lawyer Is Essential

When we talk about lawyers, the most popular types are probably the criminal and corporate lawyers—with the divorce lawyers coming at a close third. These are all just observations, but you have to admit that it makes sense. Family lawyers probably don’t make the cut when we speak about popularity. But, you know what? They are important nonetheless. Why else would family law be included in the Constitution? So, if you are still asking why you need a lawyer like the title above, let me point out some basic and obvious reasons.

Because you need a family constitution

Aside from legal representation, another thing your family needs (that you probably have not heard of before) is your family constitution. There are actually a lot involved when we speak of the family constitution, but it is basically the values sand visions of your family placed and legalized on paper. In case you shrug this off as another frivolity, the family constitution is more than a framed paper mounted on your living room. Get one of the family lawyers Barrie and talk to them about the implications of a family constitution.

Why a Family Lawyer Is Essential

Because it feels absolutely great to say the words, “You will have to talk to my lawyer first!”

I mean, don’t you agree? Having the right to yell those words, especially when you are already pissed with the other person (or people), can be one of the most satisfying words you can spit out from your mouth. And, hey! You have the right to do so. You do have a lawyer and they can’t force you to say anything until your lawyer arrives. Consider it as a commodity. Consider it as an advantage. Consider it as your right. However, you may call it, having a family lawyer from Barrie lawyers will give you more pros than cons.

Because you need it for self-preservation

Yes, self-preservation. These are dire time that we are in, my friend. We have to be ready at all times. You can’t rely with your safety procedures and security locks all the time. You have to be smart enough to have legal protection as well. You are not doing this for yourself anyway. You are doing this to ensure the survival of your family.

Because you need legal representation for your family

Did that come out as a bit dramatic? Forgive me. But that is the whole point of getting a family lawyer that are coming from Barrie lawyers. You will never know what kind of legal situation will slap your family in the face in the future—well, anytime really. And that thing I mentioned earlier about doing it basically for your family? That is the point of all this. Believe it or not, your family needs legal representation. Any member of your family can easily be involved in any kind of trouble—whether they are the victim or the cause is not the point. The important thing is that you do not walk into legal procedures like you are blindfolded in the dark. The important thing is that you are ready and you can fight.

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Who Said You Do Not Need a Family Lawyer?

Who Said You Do Not Need a Family Lawyer?

Who told you that you do not need a family lawyer? Your friends? Your neighbors? Do you believe them? Ideally, every family should have a lawyer to represent them. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to hire a family lawyer. Heck, some cannot even maintain a health insurance. Some cannot even support a growing family—they end up engaging in abortion or giving their children away for adoption. I tell you. That is not even the worst of the unfortunate cases here in Barrie, Ontario. Families end up with no legal representation in times that they need it most.

Look. If you can afford to maintain a pool, if you can afford to maintain an Internet connection (and an LTE, no less), if you can afford to spend all your spare savings on home improvement, surely you can afford a family lawyer in the expertise of Barrie lawyers. For now, you do not get the point of a lawyer because you still have no idea what he or she can do to improve your family’s standards. Whether you believe it or not, a family lawyer can really make a difference, especially if you have a family business that you want to pass on to your children and their children’s children. Something we call a legacy.

Who Said You Do Not Need a Family Lawyer?

Okay, so what can a family lawyer contribute to your basic unit? The most common and popular here is when your lawyer binds your family together by drafting a family constitution. Now, what is a family constitution? Well, it is basically a commandment which every member of the family should adhere to. It also bears your family’s values, principles, and beliefs. I believe these go way back to your ancestors. They just did not have a chance (or maybe they just did not think about it) to put it on paper.

Surely, the questions mention above, is not as good to hear. Of course, you do not want that to happen to your family, right? These present times are always unpredictable and often dangerous. You can never really tell what will happen next. You can never really assure your family’s safety. We can always say that yes, those things are better off left to the gods. However, if you can have ways of doing just that—protecting your family not only physically but also legally—you would do it, would not you? I mean, that your family we are talking about. A family lawyer’s salary is surely worth the safeguard of your family. And Barrie lawyers can be trusted about this!

Now, that is just one of the many legal benefits your family can have when you get a family lawyer. If somebody told you that hiring one is just a waste of money, do not be easily swayed. If you want, you can have your own research about this matter. Al least, if you found it with your own eyes in your own research, then you know that this thing not bogus or anything like that. In the end, it is all up to you. However, consider also that you are one of those fortunate enough to have family representation. Do not let that advantage go to waste.

Miles Kimberly is one of the top 3 of the best lawyers in Barrie.


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Exploring Options to Evaluate Family Lawyers

Exploring Options to Evaluate Family Lawyers

You have several options to search for a family lawyer based on your location. But it is always important to hire a lawyer who can help you in understanding all legal options you have. Also, the lawyer will present you in the course whenever the need arises. So, you have to share your private and personal information with the family law attorney. Along with the experience and past track record of the lawyer, you also need to check their reputation and credibility. As you do not deal with lawyers on a regular basis, it is important to evaluate the professionals based on certain criterions.

Clear All Your Doubts: The introductory meeting with the family law attorney makes it easier for you to evaluate his skills and reliability. Before meeting the lawyer, you must prepare a comprehensive list of questions that need to be answered. Along with asking about their professional experience, and the number of family cases they have already done, you also need to know the court where they practice regularly. It is always important to hire a lawyer like the lawyers in Barrie who is practicing in your state. The lawyer practicing locally will be familiar with the judges. The experience will further contribute towards making your case stronger. Also, you must observe their demeanor and personality to ensure that they are friendly and approachable.

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Exploring Options to Evaluate Family Lawyers

Understand Payment Details: While meeting the attorney, you must clearly understand details of the payment. Some attorneys charge their clients at a flat rate, whereas other charge on a percentage basis. There are also chances that the fees of the family lawyer many run up to a hefty amount. So, you must not hesitate to ask the lawyer about their fees during the introductory meeting. You can even consider meeting several lawyers like those in Barrie lawyers to find the right professional, who fits your budget. By clearing the payment details in the initial stages will further help you in avoiding any confusion in future.

Use Recommendations: The person, who has already availed the legal assistance of a lawyer, can provide the most relevant information about his professional skills and reliability. Therefore, you can always hire a reliable family lawyer based on the feedback and recommendation received from your friends, family, or coworker. You can even use the referral of these people to shortlist a number of attorneys with whom these people have worked successfully in the past.

Ask for an Introductory Meeting: Many family lawyers offer free consultation to impress clients. You can always avail the free consultation to evaluate the professional. However, the good lawyers do not offer any free consultation. The lawyers agreeing for free introductory meeting may not have a thriving practice. So, you have to check the professional reputation of the lawyer if he is offering free consultation. You can also avail the initial consultation for a good lawyer by paying his fees.

It is always a good idea to look for family lawyer in Barrie by initiating a web search. As many attorneys promote their services through websites, you can easily find information about the family lawyers Barrie attorneys in Barrie.